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One Day

A New Experience

One day, I and one of my friends went to TMII to looking for the foreigner. We have an assignment from my speaking teacher to ask a foreigner about some topic. Thanks God, I got an easy topic. My topic was about music. I think everyone loves music, so do I. At the first, it was quite difficult to find any foreigner. Because it was Sunday, many people came to there at that time.
Actually, before that day I have got two foreigners that I have asked about. I found them in one of residence in Depok. They are a couple from United States who came to Indonesia to learn Indonesian literature in UI Depok. The husband is named David and the wife is named Kristen. They did not stay longer in here. They just take a short course for only six months. When I was there, we have a nice conversation. Not only about music, but also anything. I recognize that I felt so nervous at that time, because it was my first time to talk with the foreigner. Not forget, I recorded our conversation, because it was my teacher want as the evidence. At the last, I have to take a picture with them. Fortunately, they taken my picture on their camera too and we also exchange our phone number to keep contact each other.
Okay, back to TMII. After that day, I haven’t give up to looking for more foreigners to ask about. Because, I think it was the one way to improve my English. Finally, when we visited West Sumatra building, we found out two foreigners at there. With a nervous feeling, we introduced our self and said what our purpose. Because it was the time to have lunch, then we sat and done the conversation on Padang restaurant. They said that Padang food is their favorite food. Both of they are came from England. The woman is named Catherine and the man is named Jack. My friend asked the women about tourism and I asked the man about music. We have a nice conversation on music. Instead we exchange about differences of music between British music and Indonesian music. Our conversation took about an hour. And then we excused to go and letting them to continue their traveling.
The clock showed 2 o’clock. We decided to go back home. But, when we are on the way to go home, we met three foreigners anymore. Yeah.. Obviously, we closed to them to tell what our purpose. They are from France. They are here to take some travel. One of them couldn’t able to speak English. So, we interviewed just two of them. It was so different between English speaker and France speaker. But, it was not big matter. We took a short conversation, because it was on the street and they are in hurry to go home. So, there is no more conversation beside the topic.
Then, we go home with a new experience. Hope that someday I also could visit their country. Amin….

Getting There

 Getting There
There are few alternatives to get Senggigi Beach:
• Coming from Lembar harbour, you can go straight to Senggigi by Perama Shuttle bus, or any other Shuttle service available. Lombok taxi available on call for 24 hours of service.
• If you are coming by plane, there is a taxi service at the airport that will take you to your hotel destination for Rp35,000 (US$4.00)
• Public transportation or " Bemos " are available from 06.00 AM - 06.30 PM for about Rp. 1,500 (Ampenan-Senggigi, or Senggigi-Ampenan) one way
• Ojek (mopeds) service are available at night

getting Around
Simply walk around Senggigi Beach to develop that sand leg you can depend on. Or, you can ride cidomos. Just try asking for it.
 To Do
• Swimming off the beach is safe.
• You can also do some canoeing here in Senggigi.
• Visit Pura Batu Bolong on a rocky point south of Senggigi.
• There's good snorkeling off the point and in the sheltered bay around the headland
 To Buy
There are many souvenir shops along the main Senggigi road that offering you many kind of Lombok souvenir, starting from clothes, paintings, handicrafts, wooden crafts, etc.

Address: Raya Banyumulek Street, West Lombok
Phone: (0370) 622536
 Sri Utami Art Shop
Address: Raya Banyumulek Street, West Lombok
Phone: (0370) 681557
 Tips
• Risking to sound like your mother, we need to remind you to equip yourself with sun protection. Also bring a bathing suit and extra clothing
• Several places rent mask-snorkel-fin sets, such as the beach near the Art Market or the Senggigi Beach Hotel
• Senggigi nightlife is low key when there are few tourists in town. It's busier on Friday and Saturday, when young locals come up from the Mataram area

Places To Visit on Lombok
Lombok may not be as well known as its neighbour Bali, but this might actually be an advantage, it gives you chance to enjoy its splendours up close and personally.
Lombok has a so much for you to see and experience. It all ranges from the deep blue seas to the unique blending of Islamic and Hindu cultures to the cool waterfalls in green mountain glens to the challenging climb up Mt. Rinjani. You can find it all here on Lombok!
Lombok Beaches
Lombok has many gorgeous beaches such as Seger Beach, Kuta beach, Tanjung A’an beaches, Mawun beaches, Mawi beach, Gerupuk Beach, Ekas Bay, Senggigi beach, Sire beach and more! Come enjoy the breathtaking crystal blue waters and untouched white sand beaches!
Lombok Mountain
Standing at the majestic 3726 m, Rinjani Mountain is the second highest peak in Indonesia. For the people of Lombok, Sasak and Balinese alike, this mountain is a sacred place where, at the summit, the holy Gods live. To climb such an impressive mountain is unforgettable experience.

The Following Below Mostly Places To Visit on Lombok
The Gili Islands
Off the North West coast of Lombok, about 20 km north of Senggigi, you can find the famous trio of islands known as “THE GILIS”: GILI AIR, GILI MENO, and GILI TRAWANGAN. All have spectacular white sandy beaches, sparkling ble waters and are encircled by beautiful Coral Reefs containing very rare blue coral and thousands of species of marine life. Snorkellers and divers flock to these islands to indulge in an under water fantasy.
Off the south west coast of Lombok (Sekotong Area), about one hour drive from Mataram, the capital city of West Nusa Tenggara, you can find some other Gili Islands such Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak, Gili Tangkong and Gili Gede. There are a lot of small islands in this area. All of these islands have beautiful under water marine life, clear, white sand and gorgeous beaches. They are ideal places for sunbathing, snorkeling, feeding fish and of course, peacefully relaxing!
Senggigi Beach
Senggigi is Lombok's oldest and most famous resort area. A perfect place to relax, Senggigi boasts a series of white sandy beaches and safe swimming areas. The point at central Senggigi has good waves for surfers. This place has a colourful reef which provides shelter to a variety of marine life and exquisitely shapped coral and makes it a perfect place to snorkle.
In the dry season, there is an interesting variety of boats moored in the bay. The town of Senggigi spreads out along nearly 10 kilometers of coastal road. This road continues north to Bangsal, the port for the Gili Islands.

Rinjani mount
Mt. Rinjani is the second highes peak in Indonesia standing at majestic 3726 meters, part of the celebrated ”ring of fire”. The dramatic landscape has been created over a millions of years of cone-building, violent explosions, and erosion. Forested slopes rising directly from the sea create their own weather pattern and act as water – collectors for the whole Lombok.
For the people of Lombok Sasak and Balinese alike, treat this mountain as a sacred place. They consider the Gods live at the summit of the mountain. One of the large craters called Segara Anak, located at 2000 meters above the sea level is the destination of many pilgrims, who make the annual trek up the step slopes in order to place offerings to the Gods in the lake it self. This magnificent crater lake now holds a new and active volcano, Mount Baru Jari which appeared this century. On the north side of the lake is a hot spring ( one of 4 Segara Anak hot springs found here) which is said to cure disease.

Buah Lokal VS Impor

Buah Lokal VS Impor

Seperti yang kita semua tahu, Indonesia adalah negara yang sangat kaya raya akan sumber daya alam dan keanekaragaman hayatinya. Banyaknya gunung berapi membuat tanah alam Indonesia menjadi sangat subur. Bahkan jika diibaratkan, menanam batu pun jadi. Apapun yang ditanam dapat tumbuh subur di tanah ini. Begitupun dengan macam-macam buah-buahan yang ada di tanah ini. Ada beberapa macam buah-buahan yang sangat beragam dan unik. Namun sayangnya, buah-buahan kita sudah kalah saing dengan buah dari luar. Yang banyak dipasaran bukanlah buah-buahan asal ladang negeri kita, melainkan dari luar negeri yang sebenarnya sudah tidak segar lagi. Kalau kita perhatikan, coba lihat bagian tangkainya, buahnya masih bagus namun tangkainya sudah layu. Tidak terbayangkan berapa banyak bahan pengawet yang terkandung di dalam setiap buah. Dengan harga yang murah, buah-buahan ini lebih laku dipasaran dibandingkan buah lokal. Hal inilah yang membuat para petani merasa rugi. Mengapa hal ini dapat terjadi? Apakah karena lemahnya pendistribusian buah-buahan dari petani kepada konsumen? Atau apakah pemerintah sudah terlanjur menyetujui perjanjian ekonomi dengan negara lain yang menuntut untuk mengadakan impor? Apapun alasannya, sekarang waktunya kita berubah untuk menghargai produk lokal dibandingkan luar. Jika dinilai dari rasa, rasa buah-buahan dari Indonesia lebih enak,segar dan lebih berkhasiat dibandingkan buah dari luar. Seperti apel malang misalnya yang kandungan vitaminnya lebih banyak dibandingkan apel dari luar. Begitupun jeruk, jeruk lokal rasanya lebih manis dan segar dibandingkan jeruk luar yang lebih dominan tidak memiliki rasa jeruk lagi melainkan sudah banyak yang kering. Dengan kita memilih produk dalam negeri, kita dapat menghargai kerja para petani kita. Mulai sekarang cintailah produk kita sendiri.

Analisis gaya bahasa iklan terhadap iklan produk Bubur Jagung Margonda

Analisis gaya bahasa iklan terhadap iklan produk Bubur Jagung Margonda
Iklan merupakan salah satu alat komunikasi massa yang dibuat dan dikreasikan oleh pengiklan dalam rangka menawarkan barang atau jasa yang ditujukan kepada khalayak agar mereka tertarik menggunakannya. Iklan produk kecantikan majalah Femina (IPKMF) mempunyai objek sasaran wanita. Dengan menggunakan bahasa iklan yang persuasif diharapkan sasaran iklan tertarik dan mau membeli sehingga mengetahui manfaat produk yang diiklankan. Tuturan iklan produk kecantikan majalah Femina dikaji dengan menggunakan pendekatan stilistika. Stilistika digunakan untuk mengkaji gaya bahasa pada iklan, kemudian disertai alasan pemakaiannya. Dengan stilistika dalam penelitian ini diharapkan apa yang dimaksudkan pengiklan dalam tuturan iklan dapat diketahui secara jelas oleh pembaca. Masalah yang dipaparkan dalam tulisan ini adalah gaya bahasa dan alasan pemakaian gaya bahasa tersebut dalam kalimat iklan produk kecantikan majalah Femina. Pemakaian gaya bahasa ini bertujuan untuk menambah kesan menarik pada produk yang diiklankan Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini meliputi beberapa tahap. Pengumpulan data dilakukan dengan metode simak yang dilanjutkan dengan teknik catat. Kemudian data dianalisis secara fungsional dengan metode kontekstual. Data dikaji dan dianalisis dengan menggunakan teori stilistika dan teknik parafrase. Penyajian hasil analisis dilakukan dengan menggunakan kata-kata biasa. Penyajian penjelasan tuturan didukung dengan keterangan gambar yang dimaksudkan untuk memudahkan pemahaman terhadap tuturan iklan. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa kalimat iklan produk kecantikan majalah Femina mempunyai gaya bahasa yang beragam, antara lain: simile, metafora, sinekdoki, personifikasi, hiperbola, pleonasme, paradoks, klimaks, asindeton, polisindeton, anadiplosis, anafora, dan katafora. Penggunaan gaya bahasa ditujukan untuk menarik perhatian konsumen. Ragam bahasa tuturan iklan produk kecantikan majalah Femina merupakan perpaduan dua ragam bahasa kreatif yaitu ragam iklan dan literer yang menghasilkan bahasa iklan yang menarik dan indah untuk membangkitkan minat calon konsumen.

Ringkasan terhadap Abstrak dan Analisis Iklan.
Dalam penulisan bahasa dalam ragam bahasa Iklan adalah merupakan sesuatu yang sangat penting untuk dimengerti, karena hal ini adalah upaya untuk menarik minat dari konsumen. Penulisan yang sangat baik dapat menumbuhkan minat yang kuat terhadap konsumen sehingga mereka dapat tertarik akan produk yang ditawarkan. Penulisan bahasa iklan pun harus jelas dan rinci akan manfaat, spesifikasi barang yang ditawarkan, informasi jangka panjang, solusi penanganan suku cadang (perawatan) dan info lain yang sekiranya dibutuhkan oleh konsumen agar dimana mereka semakin mengerti dan meminati produk yang ditawarkan. Penulisan yang bersifat persuasif adalah sangat diperlukan.

Dalam hal ini, saya memberikan contoh gaya bahasa iklan Bubur Jagung yang bertempat di wilayah Margonda Depok Jawa Barat, kata-kata yang digunakan adalah “Jangan nyoba, nanti ketagihan”.Menurut saya gaya bahasa iklan yang digunakan itu sangat persuasif sehingga bagi yang membacanya akan penasaran untuk mencobanya. Terbukti dengan adanya tulisan itu, banyak orang yang rela mengantri demi mendapatkan bubur jagung itu.

Senin, 11 April 2011

Bonita Regency



• Rumah siap huni Type 45
Fasilitas Rumah:
1. 1 kamar tidur utama + kamar mandi, 2 kamar tidur tambahan, 1 kamar tidur pembantu.
2. 1 ruang tamu dan ruang keluarga.
3. 2 kamar mandi
4. 1 dapur
5. Garasi
6. Beserta lahan tambahan.

• Fasilitas Komplek :
1. Jogging track
2. Fitness Centre
3. ATM Centre
4. Mini market
5. Taman Bermain Anak

• Menyediakan Cicilan Dengan Bunga 0,5% x 18 Bulan

Selasa, 05 April 2011

Theory of Advertising

Strong and Weak Theory of Advertising
Over the last decade an argument has developed over how advertising works (Pickton & Broderick). This argument is about the effects of the advertising and it centred on the strong and weak effects of the advertising. The most famous theorists about this argument are Ehrenberg and J.P.Jones and their theories are the most presented ones so we can see their arguments about this theories

Strong Theory of Advertising
There are several reasons why advertising is such an important part of many marketers promotional mixes (Belch 2001) Because advertising can affect the degrees of change in the attitudes, knowledge, beliefs and behaviors of the audiences (Fill 2003). Therefore this theory hold that advertising can persuade someone to buy a product that have never bought before (Fill 2003) and it can accomplish repeating long term buying behavior. The other theory hold that advertising is believed to be capable of increasing sales at the brand and class levels (Fill 2003) and has a direct and positive impact on sales and some sophisticated sales analysis are proofs of this idea (Pickton & Broderick 2005). In addition to this similar to Pickton’s argument, Belch (2001) also says advertising can used for to create brand images and symbols for company or brand. For example since 80s Absolut has been using a creative advertising to be different from other brands. They positioned the Absolut brand as a fashionable and sophisticated drink with using its distinctive shape of bottle in the ads. For the ads they prefer to use print ads and as a result of this the campaign become one of the most successful and recognizable campaign in the advertising history and it has made the Absolut brand nearly remembered as the same meaning with vodka and when people heard “vodka”word the first thing coming to their minds is started to be Absolut. After all of these Absolut sales have increased 10 fold and have gathered 70 percent market share (Belch 2001) As we can see advertising can create an brand image and increase the sales. According to Pickton (2005) we can summarize that advertising is a strong promotional element which works by:
-Persuading people to buy
-Creating and building brands,
-Differentia ting between brands and
-Increasing sales
Weak Theory of Advertising
Most notable writer who has got arguments about this theory is “Ehrenberg who believes that a consumer’s pattern of brand purchases is driven more by habit than by exposure to promotional messages” Fill (2003) Due to this fact Ehrenberg suggested a framework which is the awareness-trial-reinforcement (ATR) framework. Awareness is necessary before any buying made and the period between the awareness and the action will be very short or very long term (Fill 2003) After this a very few people convinced to try the product and this can be effected by retail availability, advertising, word of mouth or personal selling. And the following stage of this framework is reinforcement which follows to provide awareness and reassurance to help the audience to repeat the thinking and behavior and placed the product for the occasional buying. In this framework advertising’s role is to cause brand familiarity and provide identification (Ehrenberg, 1997) So according to Ehrenberg advertising just provides more power on the consumers habits and make them to choose and buy the brand between the other brands already exists in their minds.
The other framework to use for this theory is hierarchy of effects model which some of the strong force argument is based as the hierarchy presumes not only a specific series of effects but that these effects are achieved through a process of persuasion (Pickton, 2005). The most quoted hierarchy of effects model is AIDA. Before this model accepted as a sales training model but then it was adopted as a process for marketing communications (Pickton, 2005) The AIDA model’s principal is to move people from levels of unawareness to awareness and by this to develop interest and desire and then make them to start action to buy the product (Pickton,2005) Advertising’s role therefore is to make the market aware and provide sufficient messages to make people desire to purchase. But the argument is that people don’t do their purchase decision through these steps and as a result of this advertising does not work by the hierarchy process. In addition to this there are some facts that most of the advertising is used by already well known brands so there can’t be any need for providing awareness for the already famous brands like Gucci or Guess.
As a result of this the weak force can make 2 points generally people not hump on to go for to buy the products after seeing the advertising. And 2nd “as competing brands also advertise, if people were to be persuaded, they would have stores of different brands of the same product.” Pickton (2005) So if people convinced to buy the every product that are advertised, they would have a lot of different brands and same product in their houses.
Another important point is that according to Ehrenberg after 50 studies about product categories they find out that the purchase behavior is mostly habitual and it can change weekly. But if advertising would be a strong force this could not be case.
However there are still some queries about advertising effectiveness on target audience. Because it is still unknown if the advertising persuade the audience to think and feel the same way about the product, service or organization etc. In addition to this the effect of the advertising on sales can’t be measure clearly. As a result of these we can see that nobody is sure about the effects of the advertising is in positive way or in negative way. And nobody is sure about spending so much money on advertising is effective for to attract the audience.
Furthermore advertising is not reliable as the other tools such as PR (public relations) when it comes to receiving messages. So sometimes target audience see advertising as a tool which is only focusing on selling product and earning money. And they don’t trust the things they are saying in the advertising. Therefore there are still some questionmarks in people’s minds.
Conversely there are still positive effects of advertising. Because some popular advertising campaigns attract consumers attention and can help generate sales (Belch, E.G. & Belch, A.M. 2001). And they can develop awareness and positive image for the product or service. We can give ‘milk mustache’ campaign as an good example of this. The aim of this campaign is to change the image of the milk and increase the milk consumption in the US. It became so successful that milk is became popular in US again.
But “in fact, the best available evidence suggests that soft drink advertising, indeed all advertising, has little effect on consumption at the aggregate (total industry) level”. This is especially true when advertising effects are contrasted with other factors that affect consumption ( Kinnucan, W.H 1999 ) As we can see even this fact this campaign became successful.
In conclusion even the effects of advertising is hard to measure, we can see it is still effective and important factor for the service or product to attrack and send their messages to target audience. So advertising is a must for every service and product.

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Love is like the air we breathe
We can’t see it, but we can feel it
No matter who you are
I will always keep you in my heart

It is so hard to be success
Everything will not happen without process
Nothing is impossible
By work hard, everything will be possible
Don’t give up
And always pray to the God

People come and go day by day
But the memories will always stay
True love is hard to find
Seems like observe in a blind
Just enjoy this life with pleasure
Believe that god will give answer

You broke my hearth
Then my life become so dark
I don’t know what I should do
Just remember everything about you

You have stolen my hearth
Like a flower took away from the park
You make me crazy all the time
You always fly on my mind
I can’t stop thinking of you
I hope you feel the same too

Di saat angin berhembus
Dia menari-nari dan bergoyang-goyang dengan riangnya
Di saat hujan datang
Dia bergoyang-goyang dengan sedihnya
Disaat angin kencang menerpanya
Dia terjatuh dan menangis
Berhari-hari dia tergeletak di tanah begitu saja
Tak ada yang memperdulikannya
Dia terinjak-injak dan bergoyang sedikit sedikit diatas tanah
Sampai suatu hari, seorang kakek datang dan mengambilnya
Ditaruhlah dia bersama batang-batang kayu lainnya
Lalu dibakarlah dia
Senanglah hatinya, bahwa ada yang membutuhkannya

Disaat kami dibutuhkan, mereka berebut untuk mendapatkan kami
Namun disaat jumlah kami berlebih, mereka tidak mau menghargai keberadaan kami
Sampai suatu saat Sang Pencipta murka dan menyuruh kami untuk menghancurkan mereka semua
Kami datang dengan dasyatnya
Dan mereka semua habis ditelan ombak besar

Siang berganti malam
Supir-supir yang kelaparan itu sudah siap dengan alat-alat tempurnya
Aku berdandan secantik mungkin
Berharap ada salah satu dari mereka mau mengajakku malam ini
Badan mereka bau dan lengket
Namun tak masalah bagiku
Karena aku bisa membawa sedikit uang untuk keluargaku dirumah

Kapan aku bisa bersantai sambil nonton tivi dirumah?
Kapan aku bisa mengajak keluargaku untuk berlibur bersama-sama?
Kapan aku bisa membelikan susu-susu mahal seperti di iklan-iklan itu?
Kapan aku bisa tidur nyenyak tanpa memikirkan akan makan apa kami besok?
Kapan jantungku ini bisa berhenti berdetak?
Agar aku bisa istirahat dengan tenang
Gumam seorang miskin dalam doanya

Aku kagum memandang wajahnya
Keriput di wajah dan badannya
Tak menghalangi dia untuk tetap bertahan di bawah panasnya sinar matahari
Usia dan lemahnya tubuh tak menghalngi dirinya demi dilihatnya tanaman padi yang senatiasa tumbuh dengan kuningnya
Senyum tulus dibibirnya, bisa menyampaikan betapa bahagia hatinya
Di kala anak cucunya menikmati hasil dari jerih payahnya